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iGoTrack Description
iGoTrack complements the iGo app for the iPhone. It allows you to visualise, analyse and classify all your running, cycling, MTB and walking workouts or outings.

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iGoTrack is an application specially created for Mac under 10.7. iGoTrack helps you organise your sessions or your circuits. You can share them, regroup them and analyse your progression.
iGoTrack's main function is to display your circuits on a map and the main details of your sessions: average speed, heart rate, rhythm, altitude difference, etc.
All your sessions are recorded. You have direct access to the last four weeks of training. You can also group them together, for example in smart files.
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iGoTrack uses iCloud to import the latest training sessions recorded with the iGo app. These two apps also allow for Wi-Fi synchronisation.
Exercises saved with ANT+©
iGoTrack is able to read training sessions saved with Garmin ANT+©.
Exercises present in Nike+©
iGoTrack obtains Nike+ GPS training sessions.
GPX or TCX format
iGoTrack reads GPX or TCX format files (Training Center Database XML). Drag and drop is supported.

Arrange your activities

Access to the last four weeks
iGoTrack displays all training sessions undergone in the last four weeks and the statistics for each activity. This is ideal for following your progress.
Grouping your sessions
You can create smart groups as easily as stating "Display all exercises with a date after 01/10/2011".


iGoTrack enables analysis of a zone on a graph. You can change the dynamics of the graph with a right click or two fingers on the Trackpad. A click on the graph displays an indicator on the circuit and a long click with movement displays a zone on the graph.


iGoTrack creates statistics so you can easily consult your training booklet. You can view the total distance covered, total time and the number of calories burnt. iGoTrack displays the statistics by week, month and year for different periods and sorts them into groups.

OS X 10.7 minimum.

64bits processor.

Languages​​: French, English

Publisher: © 2010-2011 DevConseil

Trial version - 3.2 Mo