iGo Personal Coach

Created for runners, cyclists and walkerS

Record your exercise

With a GPS enhanced iPhone, you can record the distance, time, change in altitude, your pace and the number of calories burnt. During the session, iGo allows you to listen to your iTunes playlists and your statistics.

View your training history

You can view your past activities and send the information by e-mail.

Keep an eye on your activities

iGo offers you the possibility of visualising your activities by week, month or year. This allows you to follow you progression.
iGo standard version is available for free in the App Store. The full version can be bought from the app for $0.99.
You can also download iGoTrail, the application that that helps you get more out of iGo. See here for more information: iGoTrail.
iGo sychronises data with the iOS 8 Health app (full version option).

Audio statistics

With iGo you can hear the distance covered, actual time and average pace in intervals of time or distance (voices in English and French).


You can transfer your training sessions to your Mac using iCloud or by WI-FI.


  1. iGo will not work indoors.
  2. Consult your general practitioner before commencing any sport programme.
  3. Privacy policy: All the data and information contained in iGo and iGoTrack are strictly personal and will never be shared with third parties.

What is iGo?

iGo is a personal coach for activities suach as running, cycling, or walking. You can visualise your last routes and view your stats by week, month or year*.

How is it accurate?

iGo uses the iPhone’s GPS to track your training. If accuracy is bad, check the Map application.

What happens if I receive a call during my training?

You can interrupt the application. Once the call is finished, restart iGo and choose “resume”.

Can I use an iPod touch or first generation iPhone?

No, iGo needs a GPS.

What is the difference with the full version?

The basic version is free. The following functions are available on the paid version*:

  • Complete history; the standard version shows only the last session,
  • The possibility of hearing your stats (total distance, total time, average pace) by distance or time (English and French),
  • Link the playlists on your iPhone to start and finish with your training session,
  • Synchronise the history of your training sessions on your computer with iGoTrack (available for Mac) -iCloud or WI-FI-.

What happens if I remove a training session?

The total distance, duration, and calories burned are never erased. You can still visualise your stats from the last 8 weeks and months.

Can I visualise my route on a Mac or PC?

Yes, if you have a recent Mac and iGoTrack software. For PC, there are some applications available to enable you to do this. You can also send your route by mail with your iPhone.

How can I view all my stats?

You can display the last 8 weeks or months, but the screen shows only 4 weeks or months. Doing a move left or right will change the display. Doing one tap will show the total value for each week or month.

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iGo Personal Coach

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.

IOS version 4.2 or latest.

iGo Personal Coach