EcoTaxi - Economic and Green

An application that helps you save money as well as makes a contribution to saving the planet.

Based on the system of carpooling, users can find people to share a taxi and thus reduce the amount they have to pay. In English and French.


Every day, 1 million people take a taxi in France(1). Result: lines are getting longer and prices higher. ECOTAXI has decided to make travellers' lives easier by enlarging the idea of car-pooling. Anyone possessing an iPhone can find someone going in the same direction to share a taxi.

The ideal place for this to work is in stations and airports. There are two immediate benefits: the user reduces the fare for the journey and also saves time if the person they find to share the taxi is higher up in the waiting line.

For example, the saving by sharing a taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Paris Centre is €25 per co-traveller; an interesting figure considering a third of Charles de Gaulle voyagers take a taxi(2).

Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS.